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Our Phone number is at the bottom off this page but please read this page before contacting us to ensure you and your lawn meet the criteria we require as we are select with regards to the properties we chose to take on. Please read before contacting us.
NOTE - We do NOT DO ONE OFF Cuts - We are a fortnightly service only

We do not cut grass that is very long and has not been maintained.

We only cut grass and do not do other gardening work.

We do not go any further North than Kirkcaldy.

We do not take Cash or Cheque payments. We are a pre paid service so you pay for two cuts at a time so you we do not have to chase outstanding payments.

We only cut flat lawns that are easily accessible by side gate. We do not do Mid terraced houses or go through shared communal areas to access grass. We have industrial equipment that is heavy so we cant get up large sets of steps. (4 maximum)

You must be the homeowner. We do not do let properties.

We need easy access to the garden so the gate must be unlocked at all times. We cant get our lawn mowers up more than 4 steps so please consider this before contacting us.

If you meet the following criteria we would like to come and give you a quote.

Fife Grass Cutting - Text us your full postcode confirming it is fortnightly cutting you require (We do not do one off cuts) 07396 802 074 Please also state that your lawn meets the above requirements as its the only way we will come to give you a price.